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Celia Hammond wearing a pearl bracelet for Vogue, July 1963.

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any advice for IB seniors also? please and thank you


Yes! Of course! Also if you IB lovelies ever need someone to feel your pain just talk 2 me okay

Okay but advice for seniors:

Stick. To. Your. Fucking. Essay/project. Deadlines.

Do it.


Bc here’s the deal the tests suck just cuz it’s a lot of writing and sitting and I got really hungry and everyone is really freaked BUT YOU WILL BE FINE THE TESTS ARE NOT YOUR WHOLE SCORE. If you really knock your internal assessments outta the park you have no need to freak out about the tests. Cuz like you can work on the IAs as much as you want/need/your teachers make you and they will be fuckin good okay and even if you have one or two that are kinda shitty just read sample IAs you will feel better trust me there are some idiots out there and you are not one of them.

Senior year is weird and pretty tough but also so so fun bc of traditions and graduation and everyone is struggling together so go cry together and then get burritos together and you’ll be fine. Much love and pleeeaaaase if you are worried about something specific just ask okay I will not give you some bullshit answer

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