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-Kurt Vonnegut
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spoon w/ me

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Beccy McCray

SO I literally haven’t been able to find my white Aerie bralette for like 2 weeks and today I finally looked in my sister’s room and lo and behold it’s right fuckin there on the floor dirty so I fuckin wash it with all my other underwear and then put it on my bed and go to work and I come home SO ready to take a matching underwear selfie like quinn’s so cute and the bralette is fucking gone and my sister’s gone and it’s not in her room and I text her like “do you have my bralette” and she says “the answer is yes i’m wearing it” so i kno she stoned or some shit so she comes stumbling up the stairs so I’m like okay ur drunk and then ask her for my bralette back and she fuckin slams her door in my face and yells “I NEED TO SLEEP LEAVE ME ALONE” are you KIDDING me my SISTER is preventing me from taking this selfie she fucking took my freshly washed bralette what a bitch!!!!

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